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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the hot craze. While the initial coin offering ("ICO") craze of 2017-2018 fizzled out in the face of government enforcement actions, a resurgence in the global market for bitcoin and the new category of NFTs is fueling a new boom in digital assets as mainstream interest increases. Recently, Christie's became the very first major auction house to offer a fully digital work.  Internet celebrity Logan Paul made over $5 million selling NFTs. Musician Post Malone invited fans to play beer pong with him if they bought an NFT.

Thomson Reuters recently hosted a two-day conference discussing risks and rewards for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Louis Lehot of Foley & Lardner discusses some common legal considerations when launching an NFT marketplace, including documentation you need, intellectual property and other legal considerations, as well as overarching legal implications of this new technology.

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The tremendous disruptions caused by COVID-19 may introduce a new term to the business lexicon: business divorce.  Many small, privately-held and family-owned businesses may not have anticipated the kind of business and personal stressors being brought on by the pandemic.

Lee Weinberg of Weinberg Gonser LLP discusses how “business divorces” may surge because of the COVID-19 situation.

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The Next Gen Leadership: Advancing Lawyers of Color white paper provides insights from attorneys on how legal employers can help create opportunities for lawyers of color across the industry.

The white paper involved interviews with 23 attorneys of color across generations, ethnicities, geographic locations, and segments of the industry.

During these discussions, attorneys of color shared their insights and experiences.

Gary Zhao is a partner in SmithAmundsen LLC’s commercial litigation group and was previously a co-chair of SmithAmundsen’s diversity committee. He serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA), is a past president of the Chinese American Bar Association and is the incoming President of the Asian American Bar Association of Greater Chicago.

Gary talks about his experience as an attorney of color, and shares best practices for legal employers drawn from his experience.

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Trade Secrets and the Defend Trade Secrets Act

Companies in the U.S own an estimated $5 trillion in trade secerts

 and about $3 billion is lost due to theft every year


 The federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 went into effect in May

  1. While it’s still early to interpret how it will affect trade

 secret litigation, some things are clear, especially that federal court

 dockets will see an increase in more private trade secrets cases.

Chris Ryan, a partner in Baker Botts’ Intellectual Property Group, discusses.

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Is Your Car Really a Transformer?


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors once described the Tesla Model S as a sophisticated computer on wheels.  These days, that description actually applies to most cars, which are equipped with an increasing array of sensors, relays and connective equipment that control, monitor and report numerous systems and data. 

Tesla recently patched its software after hackers announced that they had figured out a way to hack into Teslas.  And
class-action suits have been filed against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Harman International,after hackers showed that a Jeep Cherokee could be hijacked remotely, three car owners have filed a lawsuit seeking the maker of the Uconnect onboard infotainment system.


Michael Whitener of VLP Law Group LLP talks about the many legal issues involved with today’s “connected cars” such as privacy and consent.


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China intellectual property rights have undergone significant reform in recent years.  But is it enough?  What more needs to be done?

Elizabeth Chien-Hale is a U.S. patent attorney who has extensive experience in intellectual property issues in China. Chien-Hale is a contributing author on intellectual property for “Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Doing Business in China, 3d, 2012-2013 edition”, published by Thomson Reuters. She operates a website,, where readers can find up-to-date information and articles about IP issues relating to China and other countries.



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A clip from Wait What's trip to AwesomeCon 2015. "We are what you'd call professionals.

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The potential reopening of ties between the US and Cuba has people excited about the possibility of Cuban treasures reaching US shores, such as cigars, rum and….baseball players? 


Cuba has the birthplace of many major league stars over the years, and baseball fans – as well as basketball and football fans – are imagining which Cuban stars their favorite team might land.


But Glen Rothstein with Greenberg Glusker says don’t pencil those names into your lineup cards just yet.


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“Deflategate” did more than just deflate the hopes of Patriots fans.  The NFL investigation raised some interesting questions about the rights of employees when it comes to ESI (electronically stored information) on their personal cellphones. 


John Martin, partner and practice leader of the Nelson Mullins Encompass e-discovery group, says both employers and employers should take note of how Tom Brady’s text messages were treated during the investigation.


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The 2014-15 Supreme Court term is getting into high gear, with oral arguments last week in Obergefell v. Hodges, dealing with gay marriage bans.  Decisions in Obergefell and several other high-profile cases have yet to be announced. FantasySCOTUS participants still have plenty of opportunity to get their selections in before the High Court issues many of its major decisions.

Josh Blackman, creator of FantasySCOTUS, gives us a “half-time” update on the current FantasySCOTUS season. 


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Welcome to Mind Your Business, a podcast on corporate responsibility and inclusion, hosted by Patsy Doerr, global head of corporate responsibility and inclusion at Thomson Reuters

Today's guest is James White with the Diversity & Inclusion team for the Americas at Credit Suisse.

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You can now speed through store checkout lanes just by waving your smartphone.  New mobile payment systems purport to be fast, convenient and secure.  Well, maybe not that last part.  Bob Benjy, an attorney with Frandzel Robins Bloom & Csato, who works with financial institutions, says mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and CurrentC may present potentially serious security loopholes.

Meanwhile, the IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters has just issued a patent analysis examining all facets of smartphone security and finds that smartphone manufacturers are dramatically stepping up their global patent filings related to protecting the privacy of cellular callers.

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Integrated Corporate Reporting


Robert G. Eccles is a professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School.  He is one of the world’s leading experts on a global movement for companies to include new, value-related information in their regular reporting to regulators, investors and stakeholders. 


Prof. Eccles has written two books on the subject, One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy  and The Integrated Reporting Movement. He is a member of the International Integrated Reporting Council ( and the founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) ( Dr. Eccles is the co-founder, with Professor George Serafeim of Harvard Business School, of the Innovating for Sustainability social movement (, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Sustainable Value Creation (


Tim Nixon, managing editor of the Sustainability blog at Thomson Reuters interviewed Prof. Eccles on the benefits of integrated reporting and why corporations are moving in that direction.


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March Madness, as always, is filed with upsets, great finishes and...trademark infringements?


Roger Boehle, partner at Foley, Bezek, Boehle & Curtis LLP discusses the potential pitfalls that await those who dare to try cashing in on March Madness.


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A panel discussion at Legal Tech New York 2015 focused on the key issues attorneys, paralegals and litigation support staff should consider when deciding whether to insource or outsource e-discovery. While they may seem elementary, time, cost and complexity continue to be some of the greatest challenges e-discovery practitioners face today. The panel discussed some of the key elements to consider when deciding on an e-discovery solution. Discussion leader Ed Sohn of Thomson Reuters summarizes the panel discussion.

Panel speakers were:

·          Discussion Leader:
Edward Sohn
Global Director, Legal Managed Services
Thomson Reuters

·          Anthony J. Diana
Reed Smith

·          Glen McFarlane
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase

·          Karin Scholz Jenson
Partner and National Co-Leader, E-Discovery Advocacy and Management Team

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European Patent Reform


The IP market has traditionally centered on the United States. It remains a key jurisdiction, but change is in the air. With the forthcoming unitary patent system, the European Union may be about to become the epicenter of global patent litigation. The new court will mark a seismic shift in global patent litigation. Assuming all goes as planned, the major difference is that patent owners are going to have the ability to file a single lawsuit that will control almost the entire EU [aside from Spain].


The EU is a market size that is equivalent to the United States. Instead of going to each individual country's national courts, which is what you have to do today, you'll need only one lawsuit. A game changer for patent litigation and it isn't too soon for clients to start positioning and thinking about how to optimize for the split.


Morag MacDonald is an IP attorney with Bird & Bird, based in the UK.


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The Equality Effect is a non-profit charity that uses international human rights law as a crowbar to pry open justice for women and girls around the world. Drawing on a team of feisty international lawyers, the equality effect supports its regional legal partners by initiating creative legal advocacy projects to achieve systemic change. In Kenya, The Equality Effect provided support for a constitutional claim against the government for failing to protect girls who had been raped; in May 2013, Kenya’s High Court agreed that the police failure to enforce existing rape laws, and police failure to protect them from rape, is a violation of domestic, regional, and human rights law. The work that led to this landmark ruling informs the equality effect’s newest project in Malawi that also seeks justice for victims of rape.

As three-time Amnesty International Media award-winner and author Sally Armstrong writes: “Once, in a very long while, maybe once in a lifetime, you get to witness a story that shifts the way an entire country or continent sees itself. The process of change is usually daring, certainly time-consuming, invariably costly, occasionally heart-breaking, and eventually an exercise so rewarding that it is the stuff of legends; this is the story of the equality effect.”

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In his new book, THE TIME FOR JUSTICE: How the excesses of time have broken our civil justice system (Onward Publishing, June 2012) New York attorney Curto highlights the inequities that arise from the egregious excesses in time required to resolve legal disputes and provides targeted 'time fixes’ to correct the system.

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We’ve got a great episode for you this month, with several segments highlighting the legal aspects of some recent news stories including the incident at the Heart Attack Grill as well as the latest on the lawsuits relating to the Italian cruise ship disaster.

Our interview segment is with Robert Brownstone, Technology and E-Discovery Counsel at Fenwick & West LLP where we learn more about what could happen to companies who illegally destroy electronic evidence.

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2011 might have ended on a bit of a low note for IPOs in many industries, but the energy sector isn’t one of them. To learn more about why this industry is barreling forward with stock offerings when others are pulling back, we are speaking with Rob Reedy, managing partner at Porter Hedges in Houston to talk about how the energy sector is uniquely positioned for success.

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Overall, the end of year rush for IPOs didn't go as expected and investors are eyeing the market with caution going into the New Year.  But with several high-profile internet companies announcing plans for IPOs in the near future, 2012 could start out with a lot more action than you may think.

To learn more the current IPO market and what we can expect to see happening over the coming months, we are turning to Tom Murphy, a partner at the Chicago office of McDermott Will & Emery and head of the Securities & Capital Markets Affinity group.

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With the launch of the Thomson Reuters 2011 Top 100 Global InnovatorSM program, Thomson Reuters has recognized the companies and institutions that lead the world in innovation activity.

To learn more about the program, we speak with Bob Stembridge, Intellectual Property analyst at Thomson Reuters. 

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In many cases, face-to-face interactions are declining while digital communications such as email, instant messaging and text messaging are on the rise. While these more virtual interactions do make it easier to do business anytime and anywhere, they are also a potential breeding ground for white collar crime.


Today’s executives need to be increasingly aware of their communications and interactions in order to avoid finding themselves in legal hot water.

To learn more about the growing white collar crime trend, we turned to Stuart Gasner, former federal prosecutor and senior partner at Keker & Van Nest LLP. Stuart sheds some light on why we’ve seen this area of crime increase substantially in recent years as well as provides some practical advice on “how to not become a white collar criminal."

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With the trial of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak still frequenting global news headlines, the spotlight for anti-money laundering and anti-corruption issues has largely stayed on the Middle East. But there’s another part of the world, a little closer to home, where U.S. companies still need to exercise caution and that’s Latin America.

To learn more about the anti-money laundering enforcement efforts in Latin America, as well as how U.S. companies can re-double their efforts to ensure compliance, we are speaking with Will Barry and Jeff Lehtman, both partners out of the Washington D.C. office of Richards Kibbe & Orbe.

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We’ve got an entertaining episode this month, starting out with our “Chaos in the Courts” story about a 22-year-old self-proclaimed vampire, just in time for Halloween.

In this month’s interview segment, we speak with Sally Abel from Fenwick and West about some potential trademark issues that are being created with the new .xxx domain for the adult entertainment industry.

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We’ve got a great “back to school” episode this month – featuring two segments about employment opportunities for law school graduates.

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We’ve got a great episode this month! Our interview segment features Owen Nee, the first person to open a Western law firm in China. Owen describes the legal landscape in China and how it compares to that in the US. He also tells us about his career, which is made up of many “firsts.”

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Hear Craig Newman, partner in the New York office of Richards Kibbe and Orbe LLP talk about when it makes sense for companies to go after anonymous online posters in court and when it could backfire and make the situation worse.

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We have a very lively episode this month – the highlight being an interview with Dana Kravetz, an employment law expert, looking at the recent Supreme Court decision on what is being called the biggest class-action sex-discrimination case in over 50 years.

For show notes and timecodes, and more information on Thomson Reuters, go to

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ProLaw XII is launched, built on .NET technology for improved reporting features and more.

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This month's episode features a discussion on social media and its impact on political unrest in the Middle East with Reuters journalist Peter Apps. We also have "Chaos in the Courts," and "On the Blawgs," plus our new segment "In the News."

For show notes and timecodes, and more information on Thomson Reuters, go to

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Join us for the close of our three-part series with author John Browning on the ethical implications of social media. We also have "Chaos in the Courts," and "On the Blawgs," plus our brand new segment "In the News."

For show notes and timecodes, and more information on Thomson Reuters, go to

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Topics: Patriotic episode featring interviews with a freelance journalist who participated in the Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitutional and an interview with the former general counsel of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

For show notes and timecodes, and more information on Thomson Reuters, go to

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