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The events last summer following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police shook the city of Minneapolis to its core.  Days of riots and unrest destroyed scores of business, particularly in the Lake Street area, where rebuilding is still taking place.  Many parts of the community have pulled together to assist with the rebuilding as well as tackle the broader community issues that also in the wake of the George Floyd killing even more than one year later.

Sharon Sayles-Belton, vice president of alliances and partnerships at Thomson Reuters and former mayor of Minneapolis, and Rick Anderson, senior principal at Fish & Richardson discuss where things stand – more than one year later – in that most affected area of Minneapolis that was really Ground Zero for the events of last year, as well as in the broader community, and on the broader issues of racism and policing that are still being grappled with in Minneapolis and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected in-person court hearings, but has similarly affected the arbitration world as well.  In-person arbitration hearings are now difficult to hold, owing to travel restrictions and the difficulty in safely conducting face-to-face hearings.


The arbitration world is rapidly adapting to remote arbitration hearings.  The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, one of the leading institutions for international arbitration, is leading the charge to adapt arbitration processes and technologies to remote hearings.

Lise Alm, head of business development, discusses how her organization is helping to transform arbitration heariings not only for the current situation but to prepare for the future as well.   Sebastiaan Bos, director of solutions for Europe, the Middle East and Asia at Thomson Reuters, joins the discussion to discuss how advanced workflow technologies such as HighQ can help enable this transformation. 

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