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In the third installment of Wait, What? the guys jump right into the topic of technology's impact on sports and athletes. The conversation starts out with quantifying professional and amateur athletes and quickly transitions into "heart" versus analytics. The discussion moves into the topic of the stadium experience associated with professional sports teams and how the events compete with television, video game consoles, and mobile technology. 


Tune into the next show (March 13) when we cover how movies, books, and other works of fiction drive the creation of innovative technology in the real world. More than likely, Matt will talk about the absurdity of placing a shield generator for a space station on a planet with a hostile indigenous population. In other words, the Empire is dumb.




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In the latest episode we focus on the use of drone technology and artifical intelligence. 

In the first part of the show, the guys mull over the different uses of drones, briefly discussing the commercial uses of drone technology and what the benefits and drawbacks are of this technology. The discussion also touches on the privacy implications of drone deliveries and drone use overall. The second part of the show delves into Artificial Intelligence and the fears around the potential implications associated with the emergence of progressively "smarter" computers.

Wait, What? takes an irreverent and entertaining look at technology and its impact on our lives. The podcast is hosted by Jason Thomas (@jasonthomas), Matt Angelicola (@mattangelicola), Joe Harris (@Jwh37) and Rob Russell (@batogato). It's produced by Susan Martin (@soozymartin).

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Sustainability & Corporate Collaboration


Sustainability is an increasing priority for many companies, and incorporating more sustainable practices is encouraging collaboration across various industries to arrive at better, more cost-effective solutions.  Tim Nixon, managing editor of sustainability, Thomson Reuters, talked with sustainability leaders at the world's largest household and personal products company (Proctor & Gamble) and nation’s second-largest car manufacturer (Ford) about their new collaborative efforts on sustainability in product design and manufacturing. 


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A panel discussion at Legal Tech New York 2015 focused on the key issues attorneys, paralegals and litigation support staff should consider when deciding whether to insource or outsource e-discovery. While they may seem elementary, time, cost and complexity continue to be some of the greatest challenges e-discovery practitioners face today. The panel discussed some of the key elements to consider when deciding on an e-discovery solution. Discussion leader Ed Sohn of Thomson Reuters summarizes the panel discussion.

Panel speakers were:

·          Discussion Leader:
Edward Sohn
Global Director, Legal Managed Services
Thomson Reuters

·          Anthony J. Diana
Reed Smith

·          Glen McFarlane
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase

·          Karin Scholz Jenson
Partner and National Co-Leader, E-Discovery Advocacy and Management Team

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LTNY Keynote: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection Legal Challenges in the Digital Age


It’s not surprising by cybersecurity and data privacy were the focus of the Day One keynote at Legal Tech New York.  In the wake of everything from Edward Snowden to the Sony Pictures hack, the issues are on everyone’s mind.


One of the keynote panelists, Jon Palmer, Assistant General Counsel - Litigation and Antitrust Legal and Corporate Affairs. Microsoft Corporation, talked with Gretchen DeSutter of Thomson Reuters about legal issues involvingcross-border data protection and privacy policy on future technology