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Mind Your Business returns, and in this installment, Patsy Doerr, head of Diversity and Inclusion at Thomson Reuters, is joined by Pat David, managing director and global head of Diversity for JP Morgan Chase. Among the topics they cover include diversity in the financial sector and how diversity and inclusion have evolved over the years.

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The latest installment of Wait, What? has the guys taking the show into the realm of video. No, you didn't read that wrong; Jason, Joe and Matt had their latest podcast recorded in an actual news studio in Washington, D.C. After the initial shock of being on camera wore off, the guys settle into a discussion on the use of Magic Bands at Walt Disney World and how the theme park uses these to enhance the visitor experience. At the same time, they talk about the privacy implications of these devices and just how willing a park-goer is to relinquish elements of their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for ease of access to certain amenities.

On a related topic, the guys discuss the advent of Amazon's voice activated system known as "Alexa." The guys give Jason a pretty hard time about his "relationship" with Alexa, which makes for a great segment.

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Welcome to Ill Repute, a podcast about reputation and the forces in the 24 hour news cycle and social media that inpact them. In this edition, Susan Martin is joined by Thomson Reuters resident PR consultant, Leonard Lee, as well as Communications Lead Gretchen DeSutter. This week, they discuss the reputation management of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, KFC's fried rat scandal, and the latest social media food fight between Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure and T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

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Trade Secret Misappropriation and Employment Contracts

Trade Secret Misappropriation and Employment Contracts

With a hot technology sector and an improving economy all around,

workforce mobility has been on the rise in Silicon Valley, along with

efforts by companies to acquire premium talent from competitors. New

words like "acqui-hire" have even been invented to describe start-up

acquisitions by larger companies that target a start-up's employees,

rather than its businesses.


Warren Wayne of Bird & Bird in London discusses the changing landscape in protecting trade secrets in the US and Europe.

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