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he ABA’s Business Law Section M&A Committee’s flagship Private Target M&A Deal Points Study is considered the industry’s gold standard reference for deal points in private acquisition agreements. Through Practical Law's new partnership with the ABA, select Practical Law forms now contain integrated slides from the study as well as continuously updated Practical Law What's Market Analytics charts and What's Market's trends information. 

This podcast discusses this new partnership, including a sneak peek at the timing of and several new data points to be covered in the soon to be released 2023 version of the study, among Barbara J. Oikle, the Senior Managing Editor of National Corporate and M&A Content at Practical Law and the two Co-Chairs of the study:

  • Jessica C. Pearlman, a Partner at K&L Gates, LLP, and Vice Chair of the ABA’s Business Law Section’s M&A Committee and former Chair of the ABA’s Business Law Section’s M&A Committee's Market Trends Subcommittee, and
  • Tatjana Paterno, a Member at Bass, Berry, & Sims PLC, and Vice Chair of the ABA's Business Law Section's M&A Committee's Market Trends Subcommittee.

To view a toolkit with links to Practical Law forms that have been updated with this integrated information, see Private M&A Forms with Integrated Market Trends Information Toolkit.

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The CDC estimates that about 7.5% of the U.S. population may be dealing with long COVID or what is also termed long-haul COVID, post-acute COVID-19, long-term effects of COVID or chronic COVID. 

Because long COVID is not as well understood as COVID-19 in terms of causes, symptoms and treatment, it can be complicated for employers to deal with.  Lindsay Ditlow Of McDermott Will & Emery discusses what employers and employees should consider if dealing with Long COVID.

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Various states are exploring new models on who can practice law, new ownership models of law firms, and other paradigm shifts.  Arizona changed its alternative business structure to non-lawyer ownership and investment in law firms.  Scout Law is the first such entities to take advantage of the change.  Steve Germann discusses why he created the new firm, and his expectations for similar firms. 

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