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Competition for legal services is increasing as law firms compete with legal process outsourcing (LPO), the Big Four, increased use of inside counsel, and others.  In response, some firms are developing new approaches to meet client needs.  A few years ago, Fenwick & West rolled out FLEX by Fenwick to provide flexible solutions for interim in-house legal needs. 

Linda Netsch, general manager of FLEX, why the firm made the decision to start an “on-demand in-house legal counsel” offering, and how it has been working out for the firm and its clients.

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Lawyers Without Borders is a not-for-profit whose mission is to promote rule of law around the world by leveraging and promoting pro bono service to meet the needs of the underserved, build capacity in justice sectors and support transitions and development aimed at protecting human rights, all with a neutral orientation.


Christina Storm, founder and executive director, spoke recently with Sharon Sayles-Belton, vice president of government affairs at Thomson Reuters.

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Insights from the Edge

This podcast series brings you the latest legal trends and topics as Insight Attorneys sit down with industry experts to discuss hot legal topics. Explore our latest topics to stay informed.

Episode 6: 5 Ways to Identify the Best AI for Legal Research

As we continue to hear about artificial intelligence in our daily lives and in legal technology, it’s important to understand and evaluate what makes good AI. As legal professionals evaluate AI solutions for legal research, there are five critical questions they should be asking.


In this episode, Amy Pearson, Insight Attorney and Erik Lindberg, Senior Director of Westlaw Product Management dive into these five questions and explain how understanding these factors will help you confidently evaluate AI solutions for your legal research.