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Is this month's Legal Current podcast, we look at:

- Legal News: A courtroom brawl in Brevard County, Florida 

- Legal trends & insights: Can Eric Knudsen, the creator of the fictional character Slenderman, be held civilly liable for the recent violence suffered by the young victim of a stabbing attach in Wisconsin?

- News from Thomson Reuters: Survey says...Technology trends in 2014 and beyond

- On the legal blogs: Boy, 13, charged as adult based on size of genitals

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The class-action lawsuit including former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon against the NCAA begins in District Court in Los Angeles next week.  In addition, the NCAA is appealing a recent regional NLRB ruling that Northwestern University football players have the right to unionize.

Marta Fernandez of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell has dealt with NLRB issues and discusses what likely lies ahead for the NCAA in its fight over the status of student-athletes.



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