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We’ve got a great social technology-focused episode this month, starting out with our “Chaos in the Courts” story about a new anti-theft app for the iPhone.

In our “On the Blawgs” segment we feature a post from the China Law Blog about registering for video game copyrights, why it’s important, and what problems some companies may run into if they don’t. You may recognize The China Law Blog from a previous podcast where we interviewed the blog’s creator, Dan Harris.

In our “In the News” segment, we feature a recent news story from Thomson Reuters News & Insight about new developments in the escalating legal battle between Samsung and Apple.

Then, in our interview segment, we speak with Peter Toren, of Shulman Rogers, about his experience in intellectual property litigation and what legal battles he thinks might be on the horizon in the social gaming industry.

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In many cases, face-to-face interactions are declining while digital communications such as email, instant messaging and text messaging are on the rise. While these more virtual interactions do make it easier to do business anytime and anywhere, they are also a potential breeding ground for white collar crime.


Today’s executives need to be increasingly aware of their communications and interactions in order to avoid finding themselves in legal hot water.

To learn more about the growing white collar crime trend, we turned to Stuart Gasner, former federal prosecutor and senior partner at Keker & Van Nest LLP. Stuart sheds some light on why we’ve seen this area of crime increase substantially in recent years as well as provides some practical advice on “how to not become a white collar criminal."

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With the trial of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak still frequenting global news headlines, the spotlight for anti-money laundering and anti-corruption issues has largely stayed on the Middle East. But there’s another part of the world, a little closer to home, where U.S. companies still need to exercise caution and that’s Latin America.

To learn more about the anti-money laundering enforcement efforts in Latin America, as well as how U.S. companies can re-double their efforts to ensure compliance, we are speaking with Will Barry and Jeff Lehtman, both partners out of the Washington D.C. office of Richards Kibbe & Orbe.

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We’ve got an entertaining episode this month, starting out with our “Chaos in the Courts” story about a 22-year-old self-proclaimed vampire, just in time for Halloween.

In this month’s interview segment, we speak with Sally Abel from Fenwick and West about some potential trademark issues that are being created with the new .xxx domain for the adult entertainment industry.

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