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Autonomous ride hailing services are here – sort of.  Waymo this year launched a pilot ride hailing service using autonomous driving vehicles, and General Motors plans to test a similar service next year.  But with the launch of services has emerged a new set of legal issues, intensified by the death of a pedestrian in Arizona after being struck by an Uber test vehicle.


Is the law ready for autonomous ride hailing services?  Cynthia Cole and Travis Thomas of Baker Botts some of the gaps and unanswered questions in existing laws. 

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Insights from the Edge

This podcast series brings you the latest legal trends and topics as Insight Attorneys sit down with industry experts to discuss hot legal topics. Explore our latest topics to stay informed.

Episode 5: Early Adoption

It is easy to talk about adopting technology early, but it can be very difficult to take the steps that lead to it. For lawyers and legal teams, taking those steps are crucial and can lead to major competitive advantages.


In this episode, Adam Riley, Insight Attorney and David Curle, Director of Technology and Innovation Platform at the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute discuss the importance of adopting technology early on. Hear about some of the biggest technology milestones that have changed the way legal researchers work. Plus, learn how adopting Westlaw Edge early on has helped firms gain a competitive advantage, grow their practice, save money, and manage clients.

Insights Attorneys – a new era in legal research support

Our tradition of excellence set by our Reference Attorneys has evolved to the next level of support. To ensure that Westlaw Edge customers get the most out of your subscription, we have a team of Insight Attorneys that are uniquely trained on analytics, artificial intelligence, and big data to assist you with your research needs. Learn more.

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In an era of low growth, the law firm market is increasingly close to a zero-sum game where one firm’s gain is at the expense of the market share of another firm.

The Legal Executive Institute’s Dynamic-Static Law Firm Report analyzes the difference between dynamic growing firms and firms that are more static and flat. 

Bill Josten, the author of the report, discusses the findings. 

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