Legal Current
Legal Current is a podcast from Thomson Reuters, Legal, that features information and commentary on the business and practice of law.

In the latest episode we focus on the use of drone technology and artifical intelligence. 

In the first part of the show, the guys mull over the different uses of drones, briefly discussing the commercial uses of drone technology and what the benefits and drawbacks are of this technology. The discussion also touches on the privacy implications of drone deliveries and drone use overall. The second part of the show delves into Artificial Intelligence and the fears around the potential implications associated with the emergence of progressively "smarter" computers.

Wait, What? takes an irreverent and entertaining look at technology and its impact on our lives. The podcast is hosted by Jason Thomas (@jasonthomas), Matt Angelicola (@mattangelicola), Joe Harris (@Jwh37) and Rob Russell (@batogato). It's produced by Susan Martin (@soozymartin).

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