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Earlier this month marked the celebration of World Food Day, which recognizes the persistent issue of food security around the globe. As recent United Nations data suggests, hunger impacts 2 billion people worldwide, and of that, 240 million are women, children, and the elderly who live in Sub-Saharan Africa.


As a technology company, Thomson Reuters works to innovate and create technology to help people to find answers and solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. But today we take a break from looking at how technology can serve professionals to learn how an organization in Minneapolis-St. Paul – Compatible Technology International (CTI) – has taken technology to solve hunger in a unique way.


Listen to a special Legal Current podcast as Sharon Sayles Belton, vice president of Government Affairs & Community Relations with Thomson Reuters, interviews Alexandra Spieldoch, executive director for CTI, about how the organization designs and develops tools for farmers in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa that help them produce food more efficiently.

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