Legal Current
Legal Current is a podcast from Thomson Reuters, Legal, that features information and commentary on the business and practice of law.

Class action lawsuits have undergone many changes in recent years as a result of U.S. Supreme Court decisions and changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Episode 2 of our special podcast series marking the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Wright & Miller’s Federal Practice & Procedure discusses those changes as well as the future of class action cases. 

Federal Practice & Procedure is one of the most respected and enduring legal treatises.  The treatise has been cited in federal court an astounding 90,000 times, according to Westlaw estimates, and has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court every year since 1973.

In this second episode, Professor Arthur Miller, founding author of the treatise, talks with Professor Mary Kay Kane, Emerita Dean and Chancellor and Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of California-Hastings.  Prof. Kane is also co-author of fourteen volumes of Federal Practice & Procedure, including those that cover class actions.

Professors Miller and Kane discuss the evolution of class action lawsuits and the challenges facing the class action system as it tries address new problems such as the opioid crisis. 

Thomson Reuters is presenting this special podcast series throughout 2019 featuring Prof. Miller with leading legal scholars and thought leaders as they explore the issues and challenges facing attorneys practicing before the federal judiciary.