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Political Campaign Music Strikes Sour Notes

As the political conventions kick into high gear, there'll be balloons, speeches and....lots  of music. But along the long and winding road that is the campaign trail, the music used by campaigns can often hit a sour note with the artists and musicians whose works are blared at campaign rallies or used on Internet videos.

Last week, former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snyder got into the act, demanding that Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan stop using his hit song "We're Not Gonna Take It."  It's not the first time artists have pulled the plug on the music.  Attorney Larry Iser with Kinsella Wietzman Iser Kump & Aldisert has been at the center of some landmark cases on the use of music by campaigns involving some of the biggest names of both the political and musical stages.

Larry Iser discusses the fight to ensure that political campaigns play by the rules when it comes to using music

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