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Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum and dogecoin saw a record $9.3 billion inflow in 2021.  Governments and regulatory bodies are racing to keep up with explosion of cryptocurrencies, associated marketplaces and exchanges, and other digital assets such as NFTs.  Thomson Reuters is hosting a two-day exploration of risk and reward for the global crypto community.  Will anticipated oversight bolster or derail palpable momentum heading into 2023?

The conference, which will be conducted both in-person and online, features expert from across corporate, legal, tax, and regulatory realms who will offer comprehensive guidance for both casual observers and industry veterans alike. The event will take place April 14 & 15, and registration is free at:

Co-chair of the conference, Bradford Newmann, partner at Baker McKenzie, and Chair of the AI & Blockchain Subcommittee of the ABA, discusses some of the topics that the conference will address.

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