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Insights from the Edge

This podcast series brings you the latest legal trends and topics as Insight Attorneys sit down with industry experts to discuss hot legal topics. Explore our latest topics to stay well-informed and well-prepared to meet your most pressing legal research challenges.

Episode 1: Introducing Westlaw Edge

Thomson Reuters Westlaw™ is the legal research platform that generations of lawyers and legal teams have depended on to get work done quickly, efficiently, and with confidence. Now, we are excited to introduce Westlaw Edge, the most intelligent legal research platform ever.

Powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that’s built upon more than 100 years of attorney-edited annotations, only Westlaw Edge brings together a full suite of AI-powered legal research tools - including the next generation of legal search, integrated litigation analytics, a more powerful citator, and more.




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Firms that have figured out how to retain, champion, develop and advance women partners are solving three significant problems – they are closing the gender gap in law firm partner compensation, they are winning top talent and they are meeting their clients’ demands for diversity. Baker Botts LLP is an excellent example of a firm that has taken a focused approach to solving these problems.
Christa Brown-Sanford, Deputy Department Chair - Intellectual Property and Bridget Moore, Deputy Department Chair – Litigation discuss how the firm is striving to create, and preserve an organization committed to diversity while also generating more business, hiring the best talent and institutionalizing equity in pay,

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Elite 2018 VANTAGE Worldwide User Conference - Day One

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Welcome to another edition of KM With Kim, with Kim Stein, knowledge management manager at Thomson Reuters,

Kim talks with Scott Bailey, Global Director of Research Services at Squire Patton Boggs about his firm’s use of km technologies and the importance to his firm of thought leadership in knowledge management.

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Developments this week in two mega-mergers are raising questions about what the Trump administration’s approach to corporate mergers.  T-Mobile and Sprint announced plans to merge after similar plans were benched in 2014 over concerns the Obama administration would oppose the merger.  And closing arguments were held in the Justice Department’s antitrust trial seeking to block the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger.


Mark Ostrau, head of the antitrust group with Fenwick & West discusses what may lie ahead for anti-trust in the Trump administration.

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Marijuana use is now legal in dozens of states.  But laws vary considerably.  Is it medicinal use?  Recreational?  Do federal laws still take precedence?  What are employers’ rights to screen to marijuana use?  What are employees’ rights in jurisdictions where marijuana use is legal?


Elizabeth Levine with Ghoulston & Storrs’ labor & employment practice provides some guidance through the hazy legal landscape for employers.       


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Geoff Goldberg, Manager of Contract Express Service and Support for Thomson Reuters, recently moderated a panel about document automation hosted by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute at Legalweek 2018 in New York. Titled “Document Automation – Workflow Strategies for Competitive firms”, Goldberg and panelists discussed how firms can use document automation to meet client expectations for more innovative practices and greater efficiency; all with the end goals to provide higher-quality service at a lower cost and in less time. In this podcast conversation with Legal Current, Goldberg provides a big-picture overview of why document drafting is so critical to the value proposition of all law firms and how the automation of that process is becoming a bigger competitive advantage in the changing legal landscape

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On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that could have far-reaching implications on law enforcement’s ability to access digital records.

In US v.  Microsoft, the tech giant is challenging a US search warrant involving data stored in servers located in Ireland.  The case poses major questions over data access in the Internet age. 

The case hinges on the Stored Communications Act, which was passed in 1986, long before the explosion  of emails and the Internet. 

The government argues that access to records stored by US companies overseas is vital as evidence for criminal cases such as terrorism, child pornography and fraud.


Michael Whitener of VLP Law Group discusses the implications of the case. 

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